passport workshopping

Today we decided to split into passport-workshopping groups based on who could be ready when, and to do it all digitally. Julie, Samuel, (and Hillel?) and I are planning to get comments to one another by Saturday morning; Andrew, Amanda, and Conor (and any others?) are planning to be ready a bit later. When you send out your draft, remember to include a few questions in areas in which you want help to guide your readers’ constructive criticism. When you critique drafts, remember to compare them to theĀ examples online so we know what we should all be aiming for. Next week (August 16, the day before Andrew’s birthday!) at 4 p.m. in the thesis room, bring two questions of your own devising–one regular, one a wild card–that you can shoot around the table for group practice along with a bare-bones outline (short–just texts and the relevant scenes and how they connect) for each of your two questions.

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