Here is the tentative schedule of meetings and readings:

First Meeting – 4:30pm June 21st – GC Cafeteria

Everyone is reading: The Sounds of Poetry by Robert Pinsky
Andrew Lucchesi and Liz Goetz will choose poems to close read and post notes on the blog (Author/Title/Date/Historical Info)
*Practice poetry exam

Second Meeting – 5pm July 5th
Poetry workshop

Complete a 90 minute exam before attended the meeting
Early 20th Century Short Stories presented by Liz and Andrew

Third Meeting – CANCELLED

Next Meeting 4:30 pm in the thesis room (4406)

July 19th  – Jekyll and Hyde presented by Amanda Licastro

– Psychoanalytic theory presented by Jerry Finkle

-Great Expectations presented by Julie Fuller

*Feel free to bring in critical perspective to enhance this discussion

* July 23rd – We will each send out two questions for part 1-C

July 26th – Wallace Stevens and Speech-Act Theory

August 2nd – Shakespeare presented by Samuel Nicolosi

August 16th – Prep questions

Passport Workshops at home, see blog posts for schedule

August 19th – EXAM! Crepi al lupo!

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