Great Expectations Reading

Greetings from London! If you want to start on our Great Expectations reading, I think it would be helpful to read: All of Vol. I; Vol II: Chapter VIII, X & XV. I will go over Vol. III tonight or tomorrow night and post the chapters to read. (Sorry guys, I had a death in […]

James’s “Beast in the Jungle” and Sedgwick’s “Beast in the Closet”

I’m including two pieces in our reading for July 5th. One is Henry James’s classic novella The Beast in the Jungle. It’s characteristic of his later style and showing off much more modernist experimentation with image and syntax than you may have seen in his earlier work. It was published in 1903, just before his […]

Hemingway stories

Ernest Hemingway’s (1899-1961) The First Forty-Nine Stories were originally anthologized in 1938 with his critically declaimed play, The Fifth Column. The First Forty-Nine surpass, in my opinion, any of his longer fiction, with the possible exception of The Sun Also Rises (1926), his second novel. Hemingway’s memoiresque A Moveable Feast (1964) as something not quite fictional if perhaps […]

Poetry Section: Practice test I-B

Here is the practice poetry exam. We’ve tried to give the same kind of smattering covered in the example we’ve been using, but to swap out a few things. Either way, it should be a useful exercise, we hope. So, here’s the process we discussed: 1. Set yourself 90 minutes and look at the poems […]

Week one poems (The Old Stuff)

Hi all, I’ve picked out a couple metaphysical poets for us to talk through on tuesday to match will go well with the Pinsky book and the contemporary poems Liz picked. What I have for you are two poems and a bit of background on the movement with which they’re associated. I’ll print out some copies, […]

Levertov and Cummings

For our practice analyses of open verse on Tuesday, I’d like for us to look at E. E. Cummings‘s “since feeling is first” (1926) and Denise Levertov‘s “The Third Dimension” (1957). Since Feeling Is First since feeling is first who pays any attention to the syntax of things will never wholly kiss you; wholly to […]

Pinsky Sounds of Poetry

Hi all! As promised, I’ve scanned the Robert Pinsky book Sounds of Poetry for us to read for Tuesday. You can download the file by clicking on this link: It will make you wait 45 seconds or something until you’re able to click Download and save the file to your computer. If you have […]

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