Protected: Conor’s 1C practice draft

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Protected: Liz’s Hemingway practice 1c

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Practice Test 1C

Here are 6 sample questions based on section 1C of the comprehensive exam. You should time yourself for 90 minutes, and type your essay into Microsoft Word to best replicate the testing environment. Remember, only choose 1 question to answer. Part1-C (90 Minutes) This essay is to focus on a single author, period, movement, or […]

British Novels

First, a note about scheduling: This week we did not meet due to unforeseen circumstances, however we will be combining this week’s topic, Great Expectations by Dickens, with Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde next Tuesday. Julie will begin by presenting Great Expectations, and I will follow with Jekyll and Hyde. In order to merge the two […]

Protected: Practice Test: Sonnet XXX

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Rest of Great Expectations reading

Here’s the final part of our Great Expectations reading–hoping its not too late. Sorry if anyone read the whole thing (though I think Dickens is worth it!). Vol. II: Chapters XVI, XIX & XX Vol. III: Chapters I, III, V,┬áVI, X, XI, XIII, XV, XVII-end (XX) See you all Tuesday! Julie

Great Expectations Reading

Greetings from London! If you want to start on our Great Expectations reading, I think it would be helpful to read: All of Vol. I; Vol II: Chapter VIII, X & XV. I will go over Vol. III tonight or tomorrow night and post the chapters to read. (Sorry guys, I had a death in […]

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